About Me

A Few Fun Facts:


My wife Meg is the most beautiful woman on the planet and yet she hates every picture of her I’ve ever LOVED… (hope you like this one, babe)

I’m attempting to read 50 books in 2017!  34 down, a few to go…

Sports I’m (mildly) addicted to: Michigan Football, Golf, Table Tennis, Billiards… (ok, we’ve now officially left the “sport” venue)

I remember the Punky Brewster episode when the Challenger exploded: devastating to this aspiring firefighting, first-base-playing, astronaut evangelist.

My 7 year old son Riley thinks I’m a great magician… because I can throw stuff behind my back faster than he can see.  I’ve inadvertently made him aspire to be one.  He’s better at books, stories and talking and talking and…

My 5 year old son Evan is a master trouble-maker, journeyman daddy-rider, and an apprentice vocalist. (VBS songs are a current favorite)  My third son Elijah has a particular talent for not sleeping, dancing like it’s 1999, and being too cute for words.
Riley Evan Elijah

My 3 week old daughter Lucy’s talents are still in development  (though making me nervously pray about who she’ll marry seems to be near the top of the list already.)!

Meg and LucyFavorite Authors: C.S. Lewis, George MacDonald, Tim Keller, John Piper, Jonathan Edwards, Frank Herbert, Tom Clancy, etc.  Also, I’m unashamedly a Tolkien fan – I’ve even been known to read Christopher Tolkien. The list just keeps growing, frankly.

I’ve never been able to water ski simply because I’ve never been behind a boat fast enough to pull up my insanely muscular frame… but I’ve tasted some nice seaweed!

Favorite Bands: Switchfoot, Leeland, Eric Clapton, Andrew Peterson, David Crowder Band, Dave Matthews Band, other dave bands…

I’m the king of stupid human tricks. Really.

If it’s not a Taylor guitar it’s only worth passing interest at best. mountains1