Dan is has demonstrated ministry wisdom and skills beyond his age.
  He has deep theological reflection, strong musical skill, and excellent communication ability.  There are few
young ministers for whom I have higher hopes

– Dr. Michael Stallard, Ph.d., STM, M.Div.

Dean, Baptist Bible Seminary


“I count it a privilege not only to serve with Dan on the same pastoral team but to count him as a friend.  He has a quality walk with the Lord and a huge heart for people.  As a pastor he is theologically solid, musically gifted and creative. He has the gifts to make significant impact in the lives of others.”

– Dr. Mark McGinniss, Ph.d., Th.M, MABS.

Professor, Baptist Bible Seminary
Pastor, New Life Baptist Church

 “Dan is someone I have always looked up to since our days as college roommates.  He is consistent in his walk with God, confident in his abilities, and competent in his leadership.  I have learned much from his example and have appreciated his continued friendship over the last nine years.  I am excited to see where God leads
him and how He uses him

– Dan Francis
Pastor, Bible Baptist Church
Shiremanstown PA

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